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The IAAE supports and advances quality arts education programs.


The Iowa Alliance for Arts Education increases awareness, recognition and support of policies, practices, and partnerships that ensure quality sequential arts education programs for all Iowa students. (updated August 5, 2010)

IAAE Statement of Values

The vision of IAAE is grounded in these beliefs about arts education:

  1. The Arts are a necessary and integral element of human existence, adding value to and enriching our lives in ways that define us as individuals and societies. Therefore:
    1. Arts education is a core educational experience for ALL students.
    2. All students should receive access to a quality arts education.
    3. Quality arts education adds value to the teaching of all other subjects.
    4. Arts education enriches personal experience, supports a creative economy, and develops cultural awareness and workplace skills.
  2. The workforce of tomorrow will require creative workers and leaders. Quality arts education develops entrepreneurial skills and creative problem solving.
  3. The arts have a unique potential to engage diverse learners including those who may be considered “high risk”.
  4. Quality arts education results when qualified arts educators have adequate class time, resources, professional development, and strong administrative support.  To that end:
    1. Concern for students and their holistic development is central to quality arts education.
    2. Teaching in the arts should be curriculum driven so there is a sequential plan with rigorous and clearly defined expectations for student performance.
    3. Advocacy training is an essential element of pre-service and inservice professional development for all arts educators.
    4. Appropriate and effective advocacy is data-driven, grounded in research that informs us about best practice in education, the real needs of learners of all ages, and the concerns of our society.