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Leon Kuehner

Contact IAAE Executive Director
Leon Kuehner
977 Glendale Park Dr.
Hampton, Iowa 50441


David Law

Contact IAAE Chair
David Law
1560 Pleasantview Drive
Marion, Iowa 52302

319-377-5203 home
& cell

Kennedy CenterIAAE is a member of the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network--a consortium of 35 state alliances across the United States dedicated to arts advocacy and quality arts education for the nation's children.


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WelcomeMiddle School Chorus

The Iowa Alliance for Arts Education supports and advances quality arts education programs.

Our mission is to increase awareness, recognition and support of policies, practices, and partnerships that ensure quality sequential arts education programs for all Iowa students.

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Simon Estes photos:

Simon Estes and Advocates/Legislators:

Creating Curriculum Frameworks
Drama/Theater, Music, Visual Arts, Developmental Drama.

Fine Arts/Iowa Core Companion documents
Drama and Theater, General Music, Instrumental/Vocal, Visual Arts.

A great message to share with all. Arne Duncan.


Dear Mr. Kuehner,

I am reaching out to you and the Iowa Alliance for Arts Education on behalf of Iowa Resource for International Service (IRIS) in regard to an upcoming student art show focusing on diversity. We would be thrilled if IAAE could share the event with its network of educators. Please find attached an event invite and a description below:

IRIS, Iowa Resource for International Service is pleased to invite you to Layers of Diversity , a free and public art exhibit at the Des Moines Art Center on Friday, May 2nd through Sunday, May 4th. The exhibit features a collection of artwork created by Youth Exchange and Study students as a reflection on diversity and how their perspectives have changed through this program and their experiences in Iowa. IRIS works with over 40 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe but is the only organization to bring students to the United States from Nigeria and Tanzania under the YES program. For more information about IRIS, the YES program, and hosting opportunities, please visit www.iris-center.org

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Arts Education News...YAM 2013

Here is a valuable resource for arts teachers! Presented by NAMM Foundation, the list of 10 Tips may also be useful to teachers of the visual arts, dance, and theatre...

Ten Tips for Success


The Educational Value of Field Trips

Taking students to an art museum improves critical thinking skills, and more

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